Job Description

Position Title: Floater 

Immediate Supervisor: Education Coordinator

Titles of Position Supervised: None 

Major Objectives:

Demonstrate excellent teaching practices, maintain the security and safety of the children, and assisting the Teachers in implementing an educational program that is developmentally appropriate and congruent with the Head Start Program Performance Standards and Arkansas Minimum Licensing Requirements. Must maintain an effective working relationship with classroom staff, parents, and children. The Floater will assume the responsibilities of the Teachers when they are away. 


1. Minimum CDA or Higher.

2. Initial and periodic physical exam demonstrating the strength and stamina for the physical demands of spending extended time at the children’s level, lifting up to 40 pounds and handling equipment, furniture, and materials.

3. Have or be willing to obtain/maintain required professional development.

4. Cleared FBI Record check, including fingerprints, Criminal Record check and Arkansas Child Maltreatment Central Registry check.

Essential Job Results: 

1. Maintain and promote a safe and healthy environment for young children by:

a. Ensuring the children are not left unattended at any time.

b. Supervising indoor and outdoor play areas in such a way that children are easily monitored.

c. Learning and following regulations/requirements for operating a Head Start classroom.

d. Following safety standards and participating in emergency response drills.

e. Checking to be sure equipment and supplies are safe, durable, adequate, and varied.

f. Following appropriate discipline guidelines to include offering positive reinforcement, redirection, setting realistic expectations, and setting  clear and consistent limits.

2. Manage classroom by:

a. Following daily lesson plans and creating a positive, stimulating, and peaceful environment.

b. Assisting children as needed.

c. Encouraging parents to participate and volunteer in the classroom.

d. Developing relationships with children which are consistent and supportive.

e. Understanding the importance of meeting both the needs of the group and individual children.

f.  Eating and interacting with children at meal and snack times.

g. Understanding/following all attendance, health check, and family contact procedures.

h. Following established behavioral expectations and guidelines for disciplining children.

3. Demonstrate physical and mental abilities by:

a. Supervising children to ensure a safe learning environment including the ability to monitor and respond to events going on at all times in the classroom, outdoor play areas and on field trips. This includes the physical ability to move quickly in order to respond to children who are very active and may need restraint or redirection in order to ensure their safety or the safety of others in the environment.

b. Responding appropriately (both mentally and physically) to an emergency or crisis situation.

c. Daily kneeling, stooping, bending, and sitting on the floor to attend to children’s needs.

d. Occasional lifting up to 40 pounds.

4. Assists with ongoing documentation and site accountability including, but not limited to:

a. Assisting with recruitment and enrollment of Head Start children. 

b. Helping to make parents feel welcome and part of the overall program. 

c. Assisting in planning and conducting a Head Start Orientation/Open House for parents each August and as children enter the program. 

d. Building trusting and respectful relationships so parents will feel comfortable in sharing information on sensitive issues and confident their privacy will be respected. 

e. Assisting with parent/teacher conferences and home visits throughout the year. 

f. Identifying and reporting child abuse and neglect in, so far as possible, a helpful rather than punitive manner toward the abusing or neglecting parents/caretakers.

5. Keeps Management informed by:

a. Participating in staff meetings. 

b. Submitting assigned paperwork according to timelines. 

c. Contributing ideas and information as requested. 

6. Protects program integrity and client privacy by keeping any and all program information gained through employment at CSO absolutely confidential during and after this employment.

7. Demonstrates a commitment to lifelong learning by participating in Staff Development training and attending relevant and approved workshops.

8. Contributes to team effort by:

a. Welcoming new and different work requirements; exploring new opportunities to add value to the organization; helping others accomplish related job results as and where needed.

b. Completing any other duties as assigned.