Position Title: Education Coordinator 

Employment Status: Full-time

Immediate Supervisor: Program Manager

Titles of Position Supervised: Head Start and Early Head Start Teachers, Assistant Teachers, and Floaters

Major Objectives: Responsible to Coordinate and oversee the management and implementation of program activities associated with the Head Start Program Performance Standards as they relate to Student Education


  • Ensure compliance with all Head Start and State Licensing Standards
  • Supervise implementation of the Curriculum
  • Supervise all classroom practices including room arrangement, lesson plans, daily schedules, routines, and transitions to assure their adherence to program policies
  • Supervise child Assessments, including weekly observations in each area, Portfolios including examples of each child’s work, and documentation of each
  • Supervise Goal Setting, Lesson Plans, Individualized Lesson Plans, and Home Tasks and the Implementation of each
  • Supervise that Home visits and parent conferences are completed per Head Start requirements and that they are used to discuss the child’s individual development and progress, assisting the parents in developing observational skills and soliciting parent observations
  • Identify and prioritize materials and equipment needed in classrooms and playgrounds, and coordinate with director in making purchases
  • Work cooperatively with other component coordinators to plan education services integrated with health, mental health, disability, nutrition, parent engagement, and social services
  • Assist individual staff members in identifying their training needs, and improving their knowledge and abilities
  • Assure Transition Plans are made for children transitioning to Head Start and Kindergarten
  • Participate in the development of IEPs (Individual Education Plans) and IFSPs (Individual Family Service Plans)
  • Assure that files and documentation are complete, accurate, and confidentially maintained

General Duties:

  • Attend staff training and meetings, and board and parent meetings as requested
  • Assist in recruiting and orienting volunteers, providing them with guidance as needed
  • Keep Management informed by:
    • Attending Staff Meetings
    • Completing Ongoing Monitoring Checklists
    • Completing Monthly Reports
    • Sharing any reports of Child Abuse and Neglect
  • Protect program integrity and client privacy by keeping all program information gained through employment at CSO absolutely confidential during and after this employment
  • Demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning by participating in Staff Development training
  • Contribute to team effort by:
    • Assisting in meetings and events for staff, students, and parents
    • Assisting with parent involvement and obtaining “In-Kind” matching funds
    • Understanding and following the CSO Head Start Policies and Procedures Manual
    • Assisting with the development and completion of the:
      • Community Assessment & Strategic Plan
      • Parent, Family, & Community Engagement & School Readiness Goals & Plan
      • PIR & Annual Report
      • Self-Assessment & Improvement Plan
      • Program Plans & Processes
    • All other duties as assigned


Qualifications and Skills:

  • Degree: Baccalaureate or advance degree in early childhood education; or coursework equivalent to a major relating to early childhood education, with experience teaching preschool-age children; or Arkansas Pre-K certification
  • Cleared Criminal Record check and Arkansas Child Maltreatment check
  • Cleared FBI Record check, including fingerprints
  • Ability to pass a TB screening
  • Ability to serve in the capacity of classroom monitor by acquiring and maintaining observer certification in CLASS, ECERS, ITERS and/or other monitoring tools as developed and used by OHS and Arkansas Licensing ongoing monitoring reviewers
  • Ability to travel from center to center to complete job requirements
  • Ability to work a varied schedule between the hours of 7:30 and 5:30
  • Ability to lift up to a 40-pound child or get down on the floor if needed
  • Ability to maintain workflow efficiently in a fast-paced environment
  • Ability to work well independently and collaboratively within a team environment
  • Able to manage and prioritize your own workload
  • Respond appropriately (mentally and physically) to any emergency or crisis situation
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality
  • Proficiency in Computer and Organization/Management skills
  • Proficiency in Verbal and Written Skills
  • Professional demeanor