Exploring Education: CSO's Pine Bluff Head Start Visits Friendship Aspire Academy

Pine Bluff, Ark. — Students from CSO’s Pine Bluff Head Start sites made a trip to Friendship Aspire Academy on March 28. The trip was for the students who are in their last year of Head Start and transitioning to kindergarten this fall.

Friendship Aspire Academy is a public charter school located in Pine Bluff.

Students got to tour the school and meet teachers. They also had an opportunity to try out Friendship Aspire Academy’s playground.

It wasn’t just for the students. Parents also got to take part in the trip.

The parents had the opportunity to ask questions and also received a slideshow about Friendship Aspire Academy. They were also given applications to the school to take home.

“The trip was successful and the Students and Parents enjoyed it,” CSO’s Zeakeal Griffin said.

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