CSO students explore winter magic at Garland County Library

HOT SPRINGS, Ark. — CSO Head Start students from Pat Longinotti’s classroom (Room 107) visited the Garland County Library on Thursday, Feb. 8, where they not only enjoyed storytime but also had fun working on crafts.

The visit was led by Garland County Library Youth Program Coordinator Chanan Emmons.

“Choosing books is an important part of every visit,” she said. “I might read 20 picture books (or more) in the days before the visit so I can find some that are just right.”

Emmons is reading “One Winter’s Day” by Christina Butler to all Head Start classes that visit the Library.

“The kids have just experienced some very wintery weather, so that’s still on their minds, and the story has some repetitive elements that help the children predict what will happen, which they love,” Emmons said.
After hearing “One Winter’s Day,” the classes make a snow hat since it serves an important purpose in the story.

“There are white crayon snowflakes hidden on the paper hats,” Emmons said. “When the kids color over them, the snowflakes appear.”

The Garland County Library has a dedicated section for children, catering to ages from tots to teens. Within this space, kids can borrow age-appropriate books, movies, and music and engage in internet surfing, games, and playing with toys. The library also hosts storytimes, reading programs, and various events specifically designed for young children.

For additional details about the Garland County Library and its offerings for children, please visit GCLibrary.com.

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