CSO director, staff add names to 100 Families Initiative Declaration in Garland County

HOT SPRINGS, Ark. — Community Services Office’s director and members of its staff added their names to the declaration marking the launch of the 100 Families Initiative in Garland County.

Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders addressed participants earlier in the day, emphasizing the collaborative efforts required to address the fundamental needs of local families. During her visit, Sanders endorsed the official declaration of 100 Families.

CSO Executive Director Leslie Paschal Barnes and members of her staff were present for the official launch of Restore Hope‘s 100 Families Initiative at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Hot Springs on Nov. 6.

The 100 Families Initiative aims to move families in crisis to an environment in which they can thrive. This includes the community coming together and helping these families by helping them find housing, transportation, employment, education, assistance recovering from addiction and food stability.

Signing of the declaration shows a commitment by local partners to help produce better outcomes for families.

The event marked a significant stride in unifying efforts towards providing essential aid and instilling optimism within Garland County’s family structures. Sanders’ participation underscores the need for collective action in addressing local family welfare.